Be A Winner: 7 Lessons From Jose Mourinho And Chelsea Football Club

Truly a controversial manager.

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Chelsea Football Club are champions of English football after comfortably winning the 2014/15 season of the English Premier League.

At the heart of Chelsea’s win is a unique combination of a controversial manager, conditioned players, unorthodox tactics, and extremely loyal fans. The result is victory.

If you want to succeed in any field, you can learn a thing or two- make that seven from Chelsea.

1 Strategy
Many people describe Coach Jose Mourinho’s game strategy as boring and lacking entertainment. Interestingly, if you ask those critics if they expect a team to win games, they will all say yes. Mourinho’s message is clear- winning is the only important thing, everything else is secondary.

You can apply this in competitive situations in business, careers, or schooling. Go for a strategy that brings results, not one that pleases people. Like Chelsea players show, entertainment can wait till you are eating at the…

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