Developing a Saving Culture

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Earn, Spend, Save OR Earn, Save, Spend?

Which of the above do you actually do?

I once blogged about the choice of being wealthy, being totally in your hands. And I must say that to this very day, I stand by those words.

I’ve heard it said, pun intended, that the only way to make money is to either inherit it, to marry into it or to steal it. But in all fairness, the majority of us cannot fall under any of those categories.

I am not one who believes on getting rich but rather, generating wealth and building your asset base. However, majority of us have one problem, we want to live lifestyles that we cannot afford or sustain for that matter.

A friend of mine once asked how I define the middle class and I answered, ‘those who live beyond their means’. T

his is very true…

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