Overfishing sucks — but this VICE documentary about it is pretty good


After opening its third season with a cheery refresher on global warming, VICE returns to the Grist wheelhouse with an uplifting exposé of the havoc we are wreaking on the world’s oceans.

Sharks kill fewer than ten people a year, but we kill tens of millions of the top ocean predators a year, along with millions of tons of other sea life — thus begins VICE’s ocean deep dive. It’s a good point, and one that can’t be made too often: Industrial-sized high-tech fishing operations have gotten so good at catching fish that they’re scooping up whole food chains’ worth of animals and dumping whatever they don’t want. Sharks are just one example of what we’re losing — but when they go, it’s a bad sign for everything else in the water, too.

And while industrial fishing boats empty out the oceans, closer to shore, subsistence fishermen resort to desperate measures to catch what little…

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