Google’s splashy campus plan aims to rewrite the office park book


The next Google headquarters — or Googleplex, as the company calls it — will be a collection of modular buildings that can be shifted around underneath a collection of giant glass domes that perch over the landscape like jaunty little sun hats.


Cars will be relegated to garages deep beneath the earth, but people can run or bike on a ground-level track that runs along the base of the biggest dome. Aboveground, people can pick fresh fruit from the trees. The landscape will be “re-oaked.” Wetlands will be enabled.

The Googleplex is more than just a headquarters. It is, we are told, a gift to the 80,000 residents of Mountain View, Calif., where Google has been based since it had 12 employees working in the Bay Area instead of 20,000.

“A motivator for the work that we do now is to be generous,” says Thomas Heatherwick, one of the…

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