Auto-flush toilets just don’t know when to quit


It’s a common scene: You’re hovering above the toilet in some airport or rest stop, when, mid-stream, the toilet beneath you starts flushing. By the time you’ve finished relieving yourself, the ubiquitous auto-flush toilet may have auto-flushed for you two or three times. For those of us concerned about overconsumption, water shortages, and drought, flushing potable water literally down the toilet is MADDENING.

The problem is technology. Toilets using “flushometer-valves,” as they are known, were introduced in the 1990s so that delicate humans wouldn’t have to actually touch the toilet handle in commercial bathrooms (as though the flush handle is any grosser than the dick that was just in your hand). Unfortunately, most sensors just aren’t that good at detecting when you’re done — thus, the multi-flush thing. And how many of these toilets are plaguing bathrooms around the country? As The Guardian reports:

Today the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates…

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