Need to borrow a chainsaw? This app can help


Take a second and think about all the junk piled high in your broom closet, garage, or basement. I bet you can’t remember the last time you used that rusty, old chainsaw. What about that extra set of folding chairs, or that moldy suitcase, sitting sadly in the corner collecting dust and cobwebs?

There are some things you really just need to use once or a few times a year, at best. Enter sharing economy app Peerby. Borrowers in need simply enter what they’re hoping to borrow, and the app connects them to fellow Peerby users within their own neighborhoods who have what they’re looking for. According to Peerby’s website, we typically use about 80 percent of our possessions no more than once a month, so the app aims to cut down on the amount of useless crap we buy, all while fostering a greener, less cluttered sharing economy from neighborhood to neighborhood.

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