What Insight Underpins Your Business

Michael Spivey's Blog

What insight underpins your business? Eric Schmidt says breakout products need a technical insight which is, “[a] new way of applying technology or design that either drives down the cost or increases the functions and usability of a product by a significant factor.” Google now simplifies this description even further with its 10x mantra, where they are looking at ways to make the product 10x cheaper or 10x more powerful. With technology and the context of the world today, if you are downplaying the need for a technical insight to help customers 10x more then you are far from realizing the potential of what your business could be doing for customers.

Are non-technical insights also needed? Yes. You can have business model insights or non-technological operational insights, but digitizing your business and technical insights will help enable execution of those other insights. For example, Netflix business model is supported by its…

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