2015 Elections: It is a winner takes All (Part One)

The Oracle

To all the readers of this essay the Oracle says, 2015 presidential election is more than the removal of a Clueless President (the acronyms is still debatable) it is not because the president is too lazy to handle a robust nation like Nigeria with 225 tribes, it is the restoration of the power to the forces that had been in charge since 1960.

The forces of power that was temporarily threatened with the 28 months Civil war and which either by omission or commission was weakened by the states creation from three regions, in 1960, four in 1963, twelve in 1967, nineteen in 1976, and now thirty six, meaning, the more the states the more the two forces used to control Nigeria, like Religion and regional power will be threatened and weakened or will even go into perdition. It is a continuation of devolution of powers from the powerful to…

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