Merry Saturnalia To All, And To All A Good Night! 12/25/2014

Verum Et Inventa

Yeah, yeah, so I’m a little late, but I do have a lot of channels to filter through. The only part of this short video that I disagree with is the part where Red Pill likens Saturn to the Biblical Devil, as in Satan. It would be more historically accurate to liken Saturn to El / Baal / Yahweh / Jehovah, because the bull god of the Old Testament was a god of fertility, judgement and wrath, and that is most definitely what Saturn represented.

In Roman mythology, Saturn (Latin: Saturnus) was a major Roman deity holding jurisdiction over agriculture and the harvest. Like many of the Roman mythological figures, Saturn was appropriated from the Greek tradition, and his mythology is commonly mixed with that of Cronus, the god of the harvest and one-time supreme deity in the Greek pantheon. Much like Cronus, Saturn also fell from his position…

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